5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Moving Company

As a property owner, you’re probably accustomed to fielding tons of move-in/move-out questions from current tenants, potential tenants, and real estate agents. You have likely had to recommend movers at some time or another. When this question came up, were you able to give a solid suggestion?

If not, it’s time to find one!

Having a screened and vetted moving company on hand provides significant benefits to you and your tenants. With fewer unknowns to worry about, you can ensure a less stressful move. This will provide a better experience for all parties involved, whether it happens to be move-in or move-out day.

Five Benefits to Partnering with a Professional Moving Company

Let’s look closer at the specific ways in which you could benefit from establishing a relationship with a trustworthy moving company.

1. You’ll Look More Professional.


Like any other business that offers very personal, long-term, and high-cost products or services, property management relies on reputation and word of mouth. Many renters depend heavily on recommendations from others—whether it’s family and friends or online reviews—before deciding where to live and who to trust with their monthly rent checks.

The bottom line?

The better service the you can provide to your tenants, the more likely you’ll be to earn a future recommendation from them (and, probably, more importantly, your local real estate agents). By having responsible movers ready to recommend with confidence, you can set yourself apart as an “in-the-know” expert while also expanding your own professional network. It’s a win-win!

2. There’s Less Risk of Property Damage.

Working with a vetted mover means you won’t have to worry about the movers damaging your property while moving furniture in and out. Instead of trusting your tenants to hire qualified and professional movers (instead of just leaving it to the college kids down the block), you can recommend a company that you know and trust.

You won’t have to worry about finding movers on your own, either. A professional property management company can research on the best Stockton moving company for your property and develop that relationship on your behalf, providing tenants a better move-in and move-out experience.

A good property management company will help property owners find movers with good service, fair rates, and proper federal/state licensing. They’ll do the homework so that youlook like the expert.

3. Your Tenants Will Have More Flexibility.

moving out

Moving is always a challenge, and it’s not uncommon for some unexpected problem to arise that prevents your tenants from moving exactly as planned. As a property owner, such delays can create big problems (after all, you likely need to get in there for cleaning and repairs ASAP)—but at the same time, you want to be as sensitive and accommodating as possible.

This may sound like an impossible dilemma, but a reputable moving company can really help. A reliable mover will also offer storage and warehousing services, giving your tenants much more flexibility:

  • They can spread their move out over a longer period by gradually putting furniture and boxes in storage until the moving day arrives.
  • They can react to any unexpected shifts in the schedule by putting items into short-term storage at their final destination.

In either case, your tenants won’t have to try to figure out what to do or ask you for an extension. A professional moving company can provide the stop-gap needed so that your tenants can move out on time—without nearly as much stress for them.

4. You’ll Have More Flexibility, Too.

In the event that your property requires maintenance, pest control, or other disruptive work, you’ll be glad to have a professional mover on your side. It’s never welcome news that your tenants will have to temporarily relocate or that they must vacate specific rooms of the property, but an experienced moving company can at least help simplify the logistics. The more streamlined the process is, the better your tenants will feel.

The key is to choose a moving company with enough resources to handle larger-scale needs, especially if your property is a multi-family unit.

5. You’ll Have Happier Tenants.


It’s no secret that happy tenants stay longer, cause fewer problems, and are more respectful when they move out. By recommending the right movers to get your tenants moved in, you’ll lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

And when your tenants are ready to move out, you can help them cap off their experience with the same level of service and care.

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