4 Reasons Why You Need a Property Manager

A property management service may sometimes seem nothing more than another unnecessary expense at the end of the month, but smart investors realize that the right property manager is worth his/her weight in gold. Therefore, this post will consider but a few factors that a good property manager can provide. At Eagle Property Management, our property managers are experienced enough to provide you with the very best expertise in the following aspects.

Quality tenants

Tenant screening is a necessary protection to your property, an investment that you have earned with the money you have fought for. Tenant screening is important, but it is also time consuming. An experienced property manager understands how to select the right tenants from thousands of applicants, avoiding warning signs that could lead to abuse of property, lawsuits and scams.
Added benefits:
• Rent is paid on time
• Tenants rent for longer
• Less wear and tear damage to property
• A reduction in a variety of general problems

Increased Value of the Investment

Any property manager worth their salt understands that your property is an investment that must be protected through maintenance planning, damage preventative measures, and sufficient documentation. The right choice in property manager is an asset to your financial goals. Further services in this area should take care of tax needs, routine check ups and others, all a means to add value to your asset.

Shorter Vacancy Periods

Vacancies, if left unmanaged, can easily lead to the death of a successful property’s financial stability. Therefore, the right property manager not only takes care of your property but manages your wallet by shortening vacancy cycles. This occurs through:

• Improving your property through cosmetic and practical maintenance, making it more attractive to potential tenants
• Setting a rent rate that is in line with the current market conditions, the correct knowledge of which, ensures that maximal income is obtained.
• Effectively marketing your property, as property managers are able to leverage on years of experience in a specific industry. This allows for marketing that is targeted at getting better results from your property, as it uses factors that bring the correct landlord and tenants to a place of a successful transaction.

Fewer Costly and Time Consuming Legal Dilemmas

Anyone who has experience as a landlord understands the legal problems that just one rogue tenant is capable of causing. Thus, expert handling of such encounters is necessary and saves you both time and money. A good property manager knows the different laws that govern varying jurisdictions and is well versed in dealing with the legal issues that arise from conflict with any tenant. This may be done through the following:
• Timely contract termination
• Expertly handled evictions
• Inspections
• Lease addendums
• Handling security deposits
• Rent collection


Eagle Property Management understands the need for experienced and highly qualified property managers that are suited to the needs of our clients. We offer our services to maximise your profits, manage your time and to make sure that tenants are guaranteed the best renting conditions possible. For happier tenant interaction and increased returns on investment, contact Eagle Property Management today.

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