Property Management Services

Eagle Property Management offers the same services as our competitors but with the dedication and quality service that only an owner-operated company can provide.


Eagle Property Management offers full-service real estate investment management. Our solutions help you manage your properties smoothly and enhance your investment value. Our standard services include collection of rents, issuing proper notices, overseeing service requests, and paying bills / invoices on your behalf with no extra charges or fees.  We also perform annual inspections to comply with local ordinances. 


We provide a proactive approach to marketing your property by advertising in local media outlets, posting vacancies on our website, and showing your property 7 days a week. We’ll display signage on your property and promote it through online ads and social media.  Our leasing services includes full background checks and reviews on all applicants to help ensure the best fit for your property.


Our reliable and experienced contractors and vendors offer excellent rates and quick turn-around time, saving you money while meeting the needs of your tenants. We provide periodic inspections of your property and emergency services 24-7.

Property Sales

Eagle Properties offers very competitive discounted sales commission rate for those clients who want to increase their portfolio or take advantage of their properties appreciation by selling. 

100+ Satisfied Customers

I do not easily write a review unless I am moved. It has been close to a year now and I have had wonderful experience working with this excellent property management company. During this year, our property also went through eviction, court proceedings, redoing the house back for occupancy, etc. I could not have imagined it to be as smooth if Josh/Holly would not have been there. Thanks a lot for always being there. If you have them as you property management company you are gonna rest assured for sure.


Josh has been so wonderful and easy to work with. He has been managing my property for a year now and I’m so happy that I decided to use his company. His responses are always prompt, professional, and friendly. And I really appreciate that he is always on it! I also really like that everything I need to know about my property is uploaded to the owner portal online. This is my first time using a property management company and he has really shown why I should continue to work with him. Thanks, Josh!


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