Tenant Placement Guide

Getting high-quality tenants is a challenge for every rental property owner. Our comprehensive screening protocols include credit/criminal checks, employment/incomeverification,incomeand reference evaluation.

Tenant placement fee will be equal to 40%and does not include Zillow’s $2 per day listing charge.


How are tenant’s applications processed?

In order to abide by Fair Housing Laws,we will process applicantson a first comefirst qualify basis. When an applicant has met the minimum credit, employment, income & referencecriteria we will:

1.Provide applicant info for owner approval.
2.Schedule a showing with the applicant.
3.Perform a move-in inspection of the condition of the propertyif applicant moves forward.
4.Draft a lease to be signed by the tenant via eDoc.

Do I have say in the tenant that is being placed?

Owner’s can adjust the credit score, income, and residential historyrequirementsprior to the marketing of the property in order to abide by Fair Housing Laws. After this criterionis set–tenant’s applications will be processed on a first come, first qualify basis (above).

How long does it take to place a tenant?

Eagle works urgently to process applications and place a tenant as soon as possible. Typically, Eagle can place a tenant in a unit within 30 days. However, the time taken to place a tenant will vary depending on:

1.Applicant’s responsiveness
2.Quality of applications