Owner Statement Guide

Owner’s Statement

  • This section displays the details of transactions that occurred within the statement date range.
  • The Owner Statement uses the terms Income and Expense as column headers but should be
    considered Cash In and Cash Out of the property.
  • “Owner Draw” refers to the disbursement sent to the owner after collecting rental income and
    deducting any expenses.
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Unpaid Bills, Property Cash Summary & Remit Balance Due

  •  The bottom of the Owner Statement displays unpaid bills dated in the statement date range.
  • The “Property Cash Summary” shows funds held for the property reserves.
    • “Required Reserves” can be viewed as a minimum balance for your account. Eagle’s
      minimum reserve is $150 per property to pay any anticipated bills.
  • “Remit Balance Due” is the amount of funds required to cover all unpaid bills and reserve funds
    when the ending cash balance alone is not enough to cover these items.
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    Sample Monthly Statement


    Side notes:

    • Management Fees: Will be deducted from rent received.
    • Utility Payments: For owners who elect for Eagle to pay utility bills on their behalf, it is important to point out that we use property funds to pay the utility company and then we charge the tenant. Owners will be reimbursed after the tenant makes payment.