Onboarding Checklist

Check-list at onboarding: 

Owner Portal: You will be sent owner portal set-up instructions to your email. In your owner portal you will be able to view monthly statements, make owner contributions, set up ACH direct deposit & view property documents. 

Set up ACH Payments (Direct Deposit): Be sure to set up ACH payments in your owner portal. This can be done in the “settings” menu. 

PropertyMeld Maintenance Hub: Maintenance hub set-up instructions will be sent to your email. Via the PropertyMeld Maintenance Hub, you will be able to set up maintenance approval notifications & view the status of any open maintenance work orders for the property. 

Add Eagle Property Management as ‘Additional Insured’: You can do this by contacting your insurance provider and letting them know that you would like to add Eagle Property Management. This should be done at no additional cost. 

Check-list before tenant moves-in: 

Keys/Remotes: Be sure to label & have all keys/remotes for the property turned in to the office or in a lockbox on the property. There will need to be a minimum of 2 of each key. Be sure to include at minimum 1 remote, preferably 2 remotes if it is a 2-car garage. 

Utility Bill Pay Transfer: For all bills that you would like EPM to pay on your behalf (Utilities, Maintenance, ect.), notify providers that these bills will be in care of Eagle Property Management on [start date]. See “Placing Utility Bills …” document. 

Deep Cleaning: At EPM we require all units being lease to be professionally deep cleaned. This ensures tenant satisfaction, easy assessment at move-in & move-out.