Add Property Manager as ‘Additional Insured’ on Home Insurance Policy

  1.  Contact your home insurance agent and inform the agent that you would like to add “Eagle Property Management” ‘as Additionally Insured’. (This should be done at no additional cost for most insurance agencies.) 
    1. Company: Eagle Property Management
    2. Address: 8814 Williamson Dr #70, Elk Grove CA 95624 
  2. Once this has been completed send your declaration page to your Onboarding Representative via email. 

Why is adding the Property Manager as Additional Insured important to the property owner? 

When a property manager is hired they take on almost all of the responsibilities as if they were the homeowner.  As such, if something were to go wrong, such as personal injury, the Property Manager is often the target, in place of the owner, of any resultant litigation. 

For this reason, almost all reputable property management firms have a strong indemnification and hold harmless clause as part of their management agreement.  If the management company is properly listed as Additional Insured, the coverage will automatically be extended to both parties as needed. 

In the worst of cases, if a major litigation claim takes place, it is likely that both Property Manager and Owner would be named as co-defendants.  Having the owner policy extended to both, would create a unified defense, with one insurance company defending both, streamlining the defense process and significantly reducing total legal expenses for all for which the owner (or the insurance company) is ultimately responsible. 

  • Make sure that your Insurance Agent understands that you are requesting the Property Management Firm be added as “Additional Insured”, not merely “Additional Interest”.