Multi-Family Property Management in Sacramento

Various companies in the Sacramento area provide multi-family property management services. But what should you be looking for in a multi-family property manager? When choosing a multi-family property manager in Sacramento, you should look to see if the property manager provides services such as 

  1. Rent Collection 
  2. Setting Optimal Market Rates for Rent
  3. Ability to Facilitate Legal Issues 
  4. Maintenance Coordination  
  5. Fielding Tenant Calls 
  6. Records and Financial Reporting 
  7. Streamlined Marketing Strategies

In the following sections, we will break down these different services that your Sacramento multi-family property manager should provide. 

Rent Collection

Your multi-family property manager should first and foremost collect rent. Your manager should be able to accept rent via check and have software allowing tenants to pay rent online at their convenience. The leasing agreement should be enforced if the occupant misses a payment and appropriate notices should be served should the tenant have delinquent rent.

Setting Optimal Market Rates For Rent

Setting the optimal market rate is the first step when it comes to putting your property up for rent. When a unit becomes vacant, your property manager should have an understanding of the current market and be able to make a data-driven decision on the market rate for the unit of the multi-family property.

If your manager sets the rent too high – this can cause your unit to sit on the rental market longer, hence, you will be losing possible rent money for every extra day it has gone unrented. If your property manager sets the rent too low – you can lose money on the difference between the current rent and optimal market rate.

At Eagle Property Management we use the most advanced technology to ensure we are setting your rent at the optimal rate to ensure your multi-family property is achieving optimal cash flow.

Ability to Facilitate Legal Issues

Your manager should have deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing Landlord-Tenant Laws for multi-family units in California. In addition, your Sacramento multi-family property manager should have resources and contracted lawyers to facilitate evictions should these instances arise. Having a manager that takes the appropriate legal action will prevent larger legal issues from emerging which can be costly to a multi-family property owner.

At Eagle Property Management, create solid lease agreements, take appropriate action in the case of contract breaches and properly handle security deposits. As regulations change over time, we’ll always adapt and put the latest developments into practice.

Maintenance Coordination

Your multi-family manager should also have licensed & insured vendors for various maintenance issues that may arise at your property. Maintenance should be able to be facilitated promptly based on the priority of the issue. Estimates & receipts should be able to be viewable by the owner and the management company should be transparent about any facilitation charges.

At Eagle Property Management, we have numerous licensed & insured vendors for a majority of maintenance issues. We take full care of your rental property by conducting inspections, repairs, and all necessary upkeep to preserve the value of your investment. You and your tenants can be confident that we’ll quickly respond to requests and emergencies.

Records and Financial Reporting

The property manager keeps documents under his supervision for each land. The landlord thus helps improve expense plans and earnings to be tracked. It also helps to keep a trail on records about any legal needs.

Fielding Tenant Calls

Tenant telephone calls, issues, and discussions are some of the most stressful and time-consuming elements of a multi-family property. Your manager should be able to field inbound tenant calls and respond to tenants promptly. There should also be an online option for tenants to communicate with the property manager at their convenience.

Having a property manager who can act as the primary point of contact for tenants will save a multi-family owner the stress & time of tenant communication.

Streamlined Marketing Strategies

Multi-unit premises frequently provide consistent entrance and eviction. Vacancies generally arise throughout the year. A business of property management and local government expertise should provide eligible tracking systems with rentals to maximize the profits of the owner.

Advantages of Hiring A Multi-family Property Manager

  • Expertise and Experience: Multi-family property management companies have extensive experience and expertise in managing properties of all sizes. They have a deep understanding of the local market, tenant needs, and industry best practices, which can help ensure that your property is managed effectively and efficiently.
  • Increased Efficiency: Property management companies can handle all aspects of property management, from marketing and leasing to maintenance and repairs. This can help streamline operations and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Tenant Retention: Property management companies have the resources and expertise to keep tenants happy and satisfied, which can lead to higher retention rates and lower turnover costs. 
  • Cost Savings: Property management companies can help reduce costs by negotiating better deals with vendors and suppliers, implementing cost-saving measures, and ensuring that maintenance and repairs are done in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Legal Compliance: Property management companies are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to property management. 

Looking for a Property Manager to Take the Headache Away?

Eagle Property Management has been serving the Greater Sacramento Area for 10+ years and specializes in managing multi-family properties in Sacramento. As one of the highest reviewed property management companies in the Sacramento Area, we provide a highly qualified team of individuals who are eager to help you manage your properties and alleviate your stresses. Owning rental properties can be demanding and time-consuming, so let us help!

You’ll be pleased with our professional services and our competitive pricing structure. They will help maximize your property’s cash flow.

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