How to Get Your Property Rent-Ready

As a Sacramento landlord, you are responsible for getting your property rent-ready for your next tenant. Having a property that is ready to move in reduces the vacancy rate, increases its market value, and allows you to streamline your cash flow. Additionally, it has a positive impact on your potential tenants, enabling you to get it rented quickly.

To get your property rent-ready, analyze the current state of the place, identify its repairs and maintenance needs, and decide the upgrades you need to install.

Based on our experience, here’s what you need to do.

1. Clean and Deodorize the Unit

It is necessary to clean, deodorize and disinfect the unit to ensure that it is fresh and inviting for your new renters. No tenant will want to live in a shabby or inhospitable unit. Make sure you inspect every space and room on your property. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom where the possibility of mold and pest infestation is severe.

Check the plumbing and drainage system to ensure the longevity of pipes, hoses, and nozzles. Toilet and bathroom tiles are prone to grease and dirt accumulation. Make sure you fumigate the areas to kill germs and pests and maintain the hygiene of the unit.

2. Conduct Regular Property Inspections

Routine property inspections allow you to spot wear and tear issues and repair them before they become a liability. They also help in boosting the longevity and market value of your rental. Conduct routine inspections to spot water damage, rust, mold infestation, roof leaks, moisture in the walls, and poor ventilation. You can do it yourself or hire professional inspectors who will conduct a thorough assessment and share detailed inspection reports. They can also make recommendations to help your property get rent-ready faster.

3. Amp Up the Interior of Your Sacramento Rental

Repainting your property may not always be a top priority, but it gives your Sacramento home a fresh look. Walls of different colors, spots, boarded-up holes, and faded paint do nothing to attract potential tenants. However, painting your house enables you to boost its curb appeal which can help it get rented faster.

You can select a color palette in tune with the infrastructure of your house. Light colors can improve the aesthetics of your home and make the house appear cleaner, brighter, and more open. A light beige, white, or gray are the popular picks for Sacramento rentals these days.

4. Boost Curb Appeal 

Planning to schedule property showings for your tenants? Give them a reason to get excited about leasing it.

If you are renting out a single-family home, focus on landscaping its outdoor spaces. Make sure you remove the trash, debris, and eyesores like broken furniture. Next, spruce up the mailbox, move broken-down cars gathering dust on the sidewalk, mow the lawn, trim trees and bushes, clean the porch, hallways, and walkways and install lights to illuminate the yard. If required, you can also get some shrubs to add a pleasant air to the house.

5. Complete All the Necessary Maintenance

Property maintenance is inevitable while getting your property rent-ready. It enhances the habitability of the house and allows your tenants to live comfortably. Make sure to check the structural integrity of your home and complete all repairs well in time. 

Also, examine all HVAC systems in your house, clean air filters, and smoke detectors to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Set up a hotline for maintenance requests so that tenants can get in touch with you quickly in case of emergency repairs.

6. Check The Appliances And Replace Damaged Ones

Electronic appliances may get damaged due to frequent use, resulting in additional expenses for landlords. For instance, if your 20-year-old dishwasher keeps breaking down constantly, replacing it is better than repairing it. Consider installing modern, energy-efficient appliances that can appeal to your climate-conscious tenants. Check them regularly and get them serviced often to maintain their operational efficiency.

7. Install a Security System

Your tenants may feel safer and more comfortable in a rental unit with a digital security system. Installing modern security solutions offers peace of mind to your occupants, can help you avoid liability, and protect your investment property

Consider setting up digital doors and window locks, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, and fire extinguishers on the premises. Also, install digital alarms, bright lights, and security cameras to assure the external safety of your rental property.

8. Get The HVAC System Serviced

Have a professional inspect the HVAC system in your rental unit for dust, mechanical defects, and wear and tear after every tenancy. Get the system regularly serviced to avoid the build-up of dust particles and clogging of tubes. Change the air filters before your property showings start to make the place rentable.

9. Repair the Flooring

Repair FloorNormal wear and tear are part and parcel of renting a Sacramento property. However, if your previous tenants have deliberately damaged your flooring and left it broken, getting it fixed for the next renter is necessary.

You can either repair the existing floor or replace it with a new one. Adding a carpet is the easiest and most affordable way of restoring your floor, but carpets require regular cleaning. Alternatively, hardwood flooring is durable and sturdy and can attract a larger pool of tenants to your rental. If you already have hardwood flooring, consider refinishing it and applying a fresh coat of varnish.

Making the property rent-ready can be a strenuous process for landlords. To reduce your effort, you can hire a professional property management company. They can share your responsibilities and enable you to arrange a hassle-free welcome for your tenants. Your property manager can inspect your property, take care of regular maintenance, and get your property rent-ready.

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