What It’s Like Living in Sacramento

Thinking of relocating to Sacramento? The largest city in California with the greatest population growth also features one of the most reasonable cost of livings in the state, the best farm-to-table food in the area, and a developing art scene. Find out everything you need to know about living in Sacramento by reading our guide below!

California is a well-known state in the west along the pacific coast, with 58 counted places to visit, including Sacramento- the capital of the US state of California! If you and your family plans to find an ideal place to live in, well Sacramento is the answer. Here are some reasons why Sacramento offers a huge opportunity and comfortability for people planning to live.

Based on adjusted salaries, Sacramento is also among the most affordable cities in the United States to live in. In other words, Sacramento is a terrific area to settle down if you want the California lifestyle without the exorbitant cost!

And if you happen to be a drinker, Sacramento is also known for having an abundance of breweries and wineries. In terms of settlement, Sacramento offers a high quality of life and affordable places to stay. Sacramento is also a place surrounded by picturesque mountain areas and a breathable environment to make your move be worth it!

Sacramento is considered to be one of the best places to live in the country. Although underrated, Sacramento packs a wide array of things to try on. The place is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, progressing economic status, amazing and well-prepared food. 

Here are some reasons that Sacramento is the perfect place to be.


If you love dry heat and less humid, Sacramento has it. Often known for its warm and temperate climate, it has hot and dry climate alongside wet and mild winters. Also, due to its placement on different rivers, the city receives a chilly breeze in the evening which is perfect for an evening coffee. 

Blissful Weather

Among the months of the year, January is considered to be the coldest with an average of 37 degrees. If you are worried for the snow, Sacramento last snowed in 2009 and ever since measurable snow is rare, also the rainfalls that occur in Sacramento are rare.


Although Sacramento’s cost of living is high with 21% higher than national average, it is not harmful as other California cities might be. On the other hand, Sacramento ranks 22nd on list of expensive cities in the United States and has abnormal expensive expenses. With this, in order to live comfortably, residents must have and earn at least $90,000 on yearly average. In the cities of Sacramento, companies offer about $138,000 on yearly average salary.

Even though it seems to be expensive to live in Sacramento, it can be considered to be affordable compared to other neighboring cities like Los Angeles and Bay Area. To compare, Los Angeles is 46% more costly than Sacramento, while San Diego is 35.4% expensive. In comparison, Sacramento is much more affordable than other California neighboring cities.

Since the rise of remote work, it has become a huge part of an individual’s daily life, and residents within neighboring cities move into Sacramento with the hopes of finding a cost-efficient type of residence. Well, Sacramento once made it through the list of the cheapest places to live in California. Moving to Sacramento is a wise choice for those who wants to live in comfort in less costly and safe place.


If you worry about the job to look after you move into Sacramento, worry no more! Last year’s records shows that Sacramento’s employment rate has increased by 9% offering from various industries that makes the economy progressing and has a diverse job opportunity for all.

Many industries run the local economy, including transportation, government, agriculture and mining. Also, tech industries are on the move that are offering remote work opportunities for employee’s comfort.


The education system in Sacramento is known to be among the best. The place offers a large amount of diversity and many students opportunities and resources. One of its institutions was the California State University that was considered one the best colleges in America and consistently ranked as a top university that holds high reputation.


Sacramento takes caffeine into a new level. It turns any coffee drinkers into a coffee addict. Offering from different types of coffees. From lattes to cold brew, no matter how you drink it, being in a coffee shop is also a part of daily life on this vibrant city. Here’s the list of Sacramento’s top coffee roasters:

Temple Coffee Roasters: with its delicious drinks and atmosphere, this shop offers only coffee that is brewed from the best coffee beans they can offer.

Insight Coffee Roasters: Not only famous by their coffee brews, but also on their homemade sandwiches to start every morning.

Old Soul Co.: This place makes it the perfect shop to indulge in tasty foods as well as specialty-made drinks including coffee.


Surrounded by multiple breweries and hop fields, Sacramento has been brewing beer since 1800s. It offers more than 200 wineries for you to visit. Perfect for various occasions, may it be girl’s weekends, boys’ night out or bachelorette parties.

Not sure where to go for a local favorite brewery? Check these local wineries and breweries:

Fieldwork Brewing Company: Known for great beer and fantastic food, this place offers a wide variety of lagers and ciders.

Track 7 Brewing Company: A great place to meet up with your friends. Not only offers high quality beers for an affordable price, but it also offers food trucks that are parked outside.

Frasinetti Winery: The oldest family-owned and operated winery in the city of Sacramento
And many more to mention!

Known as a great place to live, the popularity of Sacramento has been constantly on progress. It was known to be the 25th walkable city in the US which means residents can easily walk from nearby parks to shops easily and shortly. Although the dangers may be present around Sacramento with its some place to be high crime rate, there are also places which present and future residence can feel at ease and secure wits the assurance of peace and healthy environment. 

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