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Expert Property Management Services in Citrus Heights

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Are you looking for professional assistance in managing your Citrus Heights rental property? If so, Eagle Property Management can help. At Eagle, we pride ourselves on offering technologically-driven and customer-oriented rental management services that produce results quickly and efficiently.

We have professional relationships with CAR (California Association of Realtors), BNI (Business Network International). SAR (Sacramento Association of Realtors), NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers), and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Our Citrus Heights Property Management Services

Our staff is experienced, dedicated and professional. Our goal is to establish long and successful relationships with all of our clients through quality and proven management services.

As a full-service property management company, Eagle Property Management can help meet all your Citrus Heights rental management needs. Among other things, we can help market your property, screen prospective tenants, collect rent when it’s due, handle maintenance issues, and even evict a problematic tenant.

If you are ready to maximize your income through professional rental management services, contact us now. You can reach us by dialing (916)714-0123 or by sending us an email at

#1. Property Advertising

A vacant rental property is every Citrus Heights property owner’s worst nightmare. Basically, it means a negative cashflow thanks to the cost of property upkeep.

When you hire us, vacant units will be a problem of the past. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure quick turnaround times when tenants leave.

Our marketing process is grounded in a proven model that drives results. It is as practical as it is actionable. To reach as many interested tenants as possible, we make use of both online and offline strategies.

Online strategies involve running targeted social media promotions and listing on top rental listing sites. Offline strategies, on other hand, involve doing things like placing yard signs, running newspaper ads, and using word-of-mouth marketing.

#2. Tenant Screening

We thoroughly screen each prospective tenant. Being selective helps us narrow down the most qualified tenants. We look for renters that will pay rent each month without fail, care for the property like their own, notify us when maintenance issues crop up and renew their leases at least once.

We have a multi-step process for tenant screening. We’ll begin by verifying their income; we require that tenants make at least 2x the monthly price of rent. Next, we’ll check their credit through a credit reporting agency. Finally, we’ll check their background in regards to renting, employment, and criminal history.

As you can tell, our selection criteria are pretty strict. That’s how much we care about our clients’ rentals! Thanks to this vigorous process, we are normally able to get great tenants that help our clients maximize their income in little time. We also pride ourselves on having industry-low eviction rates. 

#3. Financial Reporting

At Eagle Property Management, we believe in offering honest and transparent property management services. We will consistently send you reports regarding how your property is performing.

What’s more, thanks to our technologically-driven solutions, you’ll be able to easily and conveniently access these reports through your online portal. 

#4. Rent Collection

The only way for your rental property to become profitable is by getting consistent rental payments. Eagle Property Management can help you achieve this by:

  • Choosing tenants wisely. That’s why we have a thorough tenant screening process in place.
  • Enforcing a strict rent collection policy. We’ll make sure the lease is clear regarding several things including the monthly amount due, when and where payments are to be made, grace periods and late fee charges, and the consequences of missed payments. 

#5. Rental Maintenance and Repairs

Eagle Property Management is also resolute when it comes to taking care of clients’ rentals. We’ll take care of your property just like our very own.

First and foremost, we’ll inspect it for damage periodically. Usually, we conduct inspections when new tenants are moving in, when seasons change, when driving by, and when tenants are moving out.

We always take care of tenant maintenance requests promptly. This not only ensures we nurture a good relationship with them, but that the property adheres to California’s safety, health and building codes.

About Citrus Heights, California

Citrus Heights is located between Sacramento and Roseville County. According to latest census estimates, the city is estimated to have about 88,890 people. This makes it the 92nd largest city in California. 

Citrus Heights has a large retail industry, with plenty of shops and specialty stores. Sunrise Mall in the center of the city has over 100 stores. There’s also the Sunrise Marketplace, which offers many options for shopping, dining, and more.

Source: Wikipedia.

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    In addition to Citrus Heights, we serve the areas of StocktonGaltCarmichael, Fresno, Sacramento and Rancho Cordova. If you own a property in any of these areas and are looking for professional help to manage it, contact us today. You can reach us by calling us at (916) 714-0123 or by sending us an email at We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    So, are you ready to minimize your expenses and maximize your ROI? If so, Eagle Property Management is the right partner for you. You can reach us by calling us at (916)714-0123 or by sending us an email at

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