Top Tips for Novice Landlords

Being a landlord may be difficult, particularly when you first start out. We will assist you in completing all the necessary landlord duties, such as finding and screening tenants, drafting and adhering to a rental agreement, and collecting rent online.

Start with these quick and easy essential pointers for novice landlords:

Carefully Manage Your Rental As a Business

Even though managing your rental property isn’t your main work, it still counts as a business and a source of additional revenue. Maintaining professionalism with your tenants, maintaining your financial stability, and conducting careful tenant screening prior to renter move-in are all crucial.

You must abide by all local, state, and federal laws in order to do ethical business. To preserve a good reputation and stay out of legal trouble, it’s critical to make sure your company complies with all applicable laws. Investments in real estate and rental properties can involve rules, so before making a move, make sure you do your homework and comprehend all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Online Tenant Search

Making an internet rental listing that provides tenants with the information they need to know about your rental property is the key to getting tenants. The more information included in the listing, the better, as tenants would want to know the rental cost, the address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and surrounding attractions. The tenants will probably be more interested if they can clearly imagine the place, therefore it’s a good idea to publish clear photos of every room and common area.


Why you need to hire property manager?

If you want to reduce the time and stress of owning a rental property, such as advertising your home, collecting rent payments, and handling tenant complaints, hiring a property manager may be a wise investment. If you find yourself overburdened with landlord chores, a qualified property manager may also assist with managing several rental properties.

If you don’t live close to your rental or don’t want to fully commit to the hands-on role of managing the rental, hiring a property manager is a wonderful option to consider. You may rest easy knowing that your rental property is being managed in a timely and competent manner by delegating ownership of the property to a third party.

Property Manager will Arrange the Right Rent Amount

You should consider how setting your rent price will impact your finances. After all, your primary source of income from your rental property is rent. List your fixed and anticipated expenses in order to compare your rental income to your rental expenses. Your mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance premium, and HOA dues are all fixed expenses. Utilities, repairs, and property upgrades are your variable costs. It is simpler to understand how rent pricing affects your monthly earnings by comparing income to expenses.

Property Manager will Create and Use a Process for Screening Tenants

Finding good tenants who will pay their rent on time and treat your property as if it were their own is the fundamental objective of tenant screening. It’s crucial to weed out competent candidates from the sea of applications you can get in order to choose responsible tenants.

Property Manager will help you filter Rental Application

Your prospective tenant’s name, current address, reason for moving, employer details, income, and landlord references are all quickly available from a proper rental application. In order to have all the information you require to make an informed choice regarding who will reside in your property, it is crucial to ask the right kinds of questions.

Why Is It Important to Conduct a Tenant Background check?

One of the best ways to determine if an application is financially responsible or not is through a credit check. Look out for the following warning signs while evaluating the credit and background reports of your prospective tenants: significant debt, unauthorised payments, bankruptcy filing, and prior eviction history. A tenant who has a stable financial and criminal past is more likely to pay rent on time, have no relevant criminal records, and treat the property with respect.

Who should perform background check?

Potential Tenant screening can be tedious and can take a lot of time, but a good landlord or property management company will perform a very thorough background screen on prospective tenants before accepting an application and signing a lease agreement.

Why you need a Written Lease Agreement?

The easiest approach to express your expectations and defend yourself in court is to have a documented rental agreement. Oral agreements are permitted in some circumstances (often for contracts lasting less than a year), but they are less reliable than written agreements that have been signed by both parties. It could be challenging to demonstrate what was agreed upon before the tenant moved in without a written record.

Your entire set of guidelines and provisions must abide by applicable state legislation. This is made simple for you by the legal assessment of our rental agreement. Because it is state-specific, your rental agreement will automatically abide by the regulations of your state. If you don’t uphold the rules in your rental agreement, it will lose its significance.

If you don’t enforce the rules, the tenants will notice and they might take advantage of your lax attitude. The most crucial regulation to uphold is the late rent penalty. After that, you should make sure your tenant pays the late fee. You can give a grace period.

Why you need to store all documents in digital format?

As a landlord, you need to keep track of everything, including receipts for rent, deposits, maintenance, and correspondence with tenants. Digital records may be safely organized without adding to the clutter of printed documents.

In case legal concerns arise, it is a good idea to save receipts and contact logs. You are more likely to win your case in court if you have records of all dealings and correspondence. Always be sure to back up your claims with facts.

Reason why you need to hold onto good Tenants

You don’t want all of your hard work to go in vain after finding tenants, checking them out, and signing a rental contract. Having to go through this procedure over and over again may be exhausting, so finding and keeping decent tenants is the best way to save time and money.

Knowing what tenant wants and providing them what they needed will help them stay longer in your property. Additionally, reducing the turnover of tenants helps reduce expenses and increases profits, which is the goal of every property owner (PropertyMe, 2021). Learn more tips to keep tenants longer in this article here


Every step along the route is important, including managing your rental property business, finding and vetting renters, and collecting rent. We want you to run a top-notch rental company without spending excessive time, money, or stress on it. A busy, independent landlord might use TransUnion SmartMove, an online tenant screening service.

You will receive credit, background, income insights, and eviction reports in your mailbox within minutes, allowing you to quickly find tenants for your vacant rental property. Being a landlord need not be difficult with the appropriate advice and resources.

If you have a rental property in California, call Eagle Property Management at (916) 714-0123. We are well versed with the state’s Landlord-Tenant Laws and with our services, we can help keep you from running into legal issues with your rental property. Contact us now!


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